Forbidden Nights …

Hi guys,

I have got an absolute treat of a post for you! For Christmas, by bestie Charlotte bought me and her tickets for Forbidden Nights. Forbidden nights is what I would call a mix between Magic Mike & circus acts – basically hot, HOT men who can dance, carry out cool tricks with fire & basically take their tops of in every scene. Just so you are warned – there is a little bit of nudity in the photos in this post!

Now, I am not what you would call a prude but I wouldn’t want to be involved with this type of show. I prefer to be an onlooker. This show isn’t your typical get a girl on the stage and grope her type of operation. This is literally all about the dancing and the hot bods of course.

The show was compered by a guy called Lewis. Lewis was so funny and all of the innuendos between each act really added to the whole show. We had quite good seats – I think the whole point is that they go into small theaters to build up the atmosphere. I don’t think this type of show is for everyone but the audiences really build it up as well. We were sat near quite a lot of girls who had had a lot to drink and their cat calls really added to the show.

The guys are obviously good looking and well fit – they take on songs such as Ginuwine’s Pony as well as hits from 5ive and a fifty shades tribute too. Costumes such as firefighters (my personal favourite) to sweaty gym looks, muscle shirts and leather jackets were all a part of it too. There were quite a lot of “circus” type acts too with fire juggling, a giant hula hoop and some extreme acrobatics!

Some of the actual songs were sung by the guys which I think just added to the total show.

I think the audience’s favourite part was when Lewis was finally convinced to take his clothes off – there wasn’t a single person in the audience not on their feet!

If you’re looking for a good night out with the girls, I can definitely recommend it. It started at around 7.30 and was finished by 9.30 so enough time for a good night out afterwards. Hen parties & birthdays will definitely be topped off with this.

Have you been to see Forbidden Nights?

If not, take a peek at them on Twitter, Instagram & their website.

Rachael xox

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