What’s in my everyday makeup bag in Feb …

Hi guys,


So this post features my current every day makeup routine. These are basically my go to products at the moment that I use every day. I have a big drawer full of makeup and a pot full of brushes but I keep a selection separate to make my morning get ready routine simple and efficient.

So without further ado … here are the products I use …


So, after cleansing my face I start off with the Neutrogena visibly clear facial moisturiser. It is so moisturising and really hydrates my face. It smells good too. The best thing about this moisturiser is that it actively works to spot proof your face too. As someone who struggles with my skin due to hormonal changes (and weather, too much chocolate, not enough sleep, stress etc) it helps to have a warrior in my makeup bag working hard for me. It contains salicylic acid inside it which actively works deep down into your pores. This is a repeat purchase for me – I have bought this time and time again so can highly recommend it.

Next I apply the Rimmel Fix & Protect Primer with a makeup brush. I didn’t start using primers until beginning of last year really. I suffer terribly with my skin (as previously mentioned due to a multitude of different factors) and I also have extremely oily skin which means that a lot of the time my makeup only makes it til mid afternoon before I have to reapply or treat with some powder/blotting paper. I find that applying a primer first off really holds it in place. I think using a brush helps to blend it in further but it also stops the oil from transferring from my hands to my face. I use marble and rose gold contour stipple brush from this set on Ebay – super affordable and looks fab!

Next I use the Collection Lasting perfection concealer and apply with this curved blender brush from Ebay. The concealer is one of my old favourites that you can see in many of posts – I did a review of it over here. I apply it with the small wand under my eyes and then add a bit around my blemishes too. I love this brush to blend concealer as it blends around the eyes really well with it being a curved shape.

Next, I use Loreal true match foundation which I blend with this large oval makeup brush which fits in the palm of my hand. The true match foundation is a new purchase for me and I love it so far. Great colour match, coverage and is quite long lasting. It doesn’t seem too thick a consistency, quite a runny foundation but it blends so well. I adore this brush. I saw Lydia Elise Millen use a similar brush on her YT channel but I found that version on Ebay. I love that I can hold it properly and the brush surface is large so it blends really well. The only problem is that it does get quite thick with makeup but I do clean my makeup brushes quite often now – you can see all about how I do that here.

I use a selection of makeup brushes from Wilkos to do my powder and blusher. The bronzer brush is a Moda pro which is great but I am going to look for a new kabuki on Ebay soon – I like the look of this one.

The Collection Lasting Perfection Powder is then brushed into my face locking in my base. I like to think this contributes towards my glow free t zone. I pay extra attention to my forehead, nose and chin as this is where your t zone is and my skin is exceptionally worse. I have got an invisible powder to try but trying to use up my older products first.

I then use the Collection Bronze & Glow Powder around my forehead, cheekbones and down my nose to add a little colour and definition. I sort of use the powder as a contour, saving the actual contour for a night out or event.

I then start on my brows. If there is one thing I would tell my fifteen year old self it would be, “Do not pluck those brows.” Years of overplucking have resulted in thin brows. However, I do get them dyed and shaped often to try and keep them looking better. I always apply pencil to them – whether it be a thin line of pencil or thicker (depending on how I feel). I am currently using the Loreal Brow Xpert Pencil. I usually use a Rimmel brow pencil but this loreal one is absolutely fab! I love that it is double ended so there is a lovely thick shaped brush on one end that I use to get my brows into a good shape. I then brush in strokes of the pencil. The pencil is asymmetric so it is shaped to apply to your brow. My only downfall is that the pencil is retractable – once it is gone, you need to replace it. I am terrible with retractable pencils.

Makeup Gallery Blusher is only £1 and this pink shade is fab for my skin. I use it on my upper cheekbones to add a bit of colour to my face and that completes my actual face. I have a lot of different blushers to try (some amazing looking ones too) but I love the value of this one from Poundland. Definitely worth a go in my eyes (as well as the mascaras from there too).

I am currently using Loreal Superliner Black laquer eyeliner for my upper lids. I sweep a stripe across the lid above my lash line to add some definition to my eyes. I think I have used a liquid eyeliner every day for the last five years. My eyes look completely naked without it – almost bald! I have used the collection eyeliner previously and then went onto the soap and glory but this is a stand out product for me at the moment.

For my mascara, I use two. Probably seems a little excessive for some people but hey ho! I first apply Rimmel Extra Super Lash mascara which gives me the colour and the length to my lashes. My only downside to this mascara is that it is a very runny liquid. I usually have to mop it up a little underneath my eyes. I have tried using this first and then applying my actual face makeup but I still end up with smudges. I normally try and leave the brush out a few seconds almost to dry it out a little. I then apply the Lancome Definicils Mascara. At £24.50 per tube, it isn’t a cheapy BUT it is worth the extra pounds. After using the Rimmel, I find that the Lancome really lengthens my lashes. I find it especially amazing after I have had my LVL treatment.

To finish my whole look I use the MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist. This, combined with the lasting perfection and the initial primer, means that my makeup does stay in place. It gives upto eight hours protection to keep your makeup in place. I really like this product but I think I will repurchase my Nyx spray after this one as I find that works better for me. You literally wait until all of your makeup is on and then mist it across your face. Wait for it to dry and then you are ready to go!

So this is my current go to makeup routine & makeup bag contents!

Have you used any of these products?

Rachael xox

Please note that some of these links are affiliate! This means I get a couple of pennies per click if you choose to shop via the links. Don’t worry – I always shop around to get you the best deal on the products!



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