Bargain makeup brushes from Ebay …

Hi guys,

This post is all about my new makeup brushes that I have bought from Ebay. I think a lot of people are not too convinced about Ebay as the prices are so cheap so they assume the actual products aren’t going to be amazing. However, I can personally recommend all of these brushes for use. I have used them all EXCEPT the Harry Potter makeup brushes. The Harry Potter makeup brushes I haven’t wanted to “taint” with makeup so are definitely more of a collector’s piece rather than something I will actually use.


Fan shaped contour brush – £1.99

This is fab for blending in my contour – it will only work well with the powder, I have to use a stipple for my cream contour but just great for working the cheekbone area! Holds the makeup well and blends in.

Harry Potter brush collection

These brushes are so cute. I haven’t used them and I won’t be either. They are more for me to “collect” really – I don’t like to have a lot of “tat” lying around but these are absolutely gorgeous. I may use them one day but I just had to have them. As a makeup fanatic and someone who absolutely adores Harry Potter – they had come live with me! They are heavy though and very well made – the storage pouch to keep them clean is a bonus too.

Mermaid brush collection 

These mermaid brushes are absolutely stunning – love the effect and the end to the brushes. The colours are absolutely gorgeous. I haven’t used these ones either but they are more for show for me – again though, brush heads are lovely and soft are very well made.

Marble & rose gold collection

The marble and rose gold brushes are such a fab set. I have used every single brush and they are such a high quality set. The stipple brushes are fab – I use the smaller stipple for my primer. The brush heads are soft and high quality and haven’t lost any bristles so far either.

Unicorn collection

The unicorn brushes, although absolutely beautiful, are a bit more useable than the mermaid ones. The unicorn brushes have a lovely twisted handle and the head is rainbow coloured. The heads are a little bit tougher but none of the bristles have fell out.

Real Techniques rose gold dupes – similar ones

The rose gold brushes are used all of the time! I usually take them when I go away as well as they make a good spare brush. The ones here are a similar version. The rose gold colour is fab too!

Small kabuki brush

This kabuki brush I use for my foundation is this one. I love the long handle of it as you can really blend it in. You do have to clean this brush regularly as the foundation really soaks into the head. It gets saturated and then doesn’t blend into your face really well. You blend it in with the brush and it looks great (when it is clean). The only issue with this brush is that when it is quite filled with foundation, the brush head doesn’t move as freely and the metal line of the brush has caught my face once.

So that is my Ebay brush collection – have you bought anything from Ebay?

Rachael xox

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