All used up January…

Hi guys,

You can expect many more of these style posts coming up – now I am on my minimalism and no spend unless essential kick – I am now using up a lot more product!

So without further ado .. here are the products I used up in January.

L’oreal Elnett Hairspray

Fab product, brushes out, light finish on the hair, tames the frizz – will repurchase.

Soap & Glory Dry Shampoo

Loved this – wouldn’t say it made my hair any cleaner than any other shampoo BUT it smells absolutely divine – will repurchase.

Loreal Fibrology Air Shampoo

Buy this! Buy this! Buy this! This shamps is literally the business. Gets your hair super clean, tames the frizz, adds a lovely shine and is perfect teamed with the conditioner too. – will definitely repurchase.

T Zone Wipes

Fab wipes – bought them from £1 or somewhere equally as cheap and were a fab little pick up. They are a fab but the witch hazel scent can be overpowering – won’t repurchase.

Emporio Armani Diamonds Rose

Gorgeous scent, lovely and crisp and floral. I would get the Rose version over the plain as it smells so much fresher. Great price too! – Will definitely repurchase.

Garnier deodorant

Lovely deodorant – does leave white marks which isn’t great – but overall fab product. Smells good – probs won’t repurchase as I usually go for the Sure.

Sure deoderant

Not much to say about deodorant but will always repurchase this product – love it!

Collection Lasting perfection concealer

This is an old favourite of mine (and every other blogger) and has featured so many times before – repurchased many a time!

Avon cream to powder foundation

I love this foundation but I can only use it on a really good skin day. It has low coverage  but does last all day – will repurchase as it is a nice easy product to use but it wouldn’t be an every day product for me.

Champneys bubble bath

This is not something I would go out and buy – I got it in a gift set for a xmas or birthday. It smells absolutely divine and is almost like a jelly consistency. It is such a fab product but a tad expensive for a everyday pickup.

Lush mask and magnaminty

I adore this face mask. It really helps out the skin a lot. It has the most amazing scent (minty) and really sorts out your face. If you can put up with a bit of a green face, you are sorted out! It is definitely a product I would repurchase.

Soap & Glory super cat eyeliner

Not impressed with this one – I won’t repurchase this. It isn’t often I am disappointed with Soap & Glory but I have used other products that are better than this. It isn’t that this is rubbish, just didn’t exceed expectations!

Clinique pep start hydroblur moisturiser

Great moisturiser. My skin felt amazing when I used this as part of my morning routine. Clinique is a more expensive brand but I found that it had a much better finish than any moisturiser I have used previously. Will repurchase – probably in a trio pack so I can do a full clinique routine rather than just use the one product.

Rimmel eyebrow pencil

Will repurchase this one. Very pigmented and has a little brush on the end of the lid to help you straighten your brows. The colour is great too. It is long lasting and doesn’t really react to any of the oils on my face. My only downside with it is that it is retractable so you can’t resharpen – meaning you don’t get as much use out of it as you could.

Aussie Miracle dry shampoo

Not that fussed about the Aussie dry shampoo over some of the others I have tried but it smells great and helps to add a little volume to your hair. It doesn’t leave it flat and lifeless – I might repurchase but I think I prefer the V05 styling range.

PS Cleansing wipes

Will always repurchase these. They are a quilted wipe and Primark could easily charge £3.00 a pack for these as they are that good. I will always go and grab a couple of these when I am in there. Love them – absolutely adore them. Smell good too. Work so well on your face and so hydrating – seriously, go and try them!

Nyx primer spray

Loved this product. Using a similar one by Makeup Rev at the minute and not convinced. My only issue is that it had a weird smell to it but used in conjunction with the rest of my makeup products I got long lasting finish and primed skin too. So easy to use so I will probably go back to this after I have finished with the other version. I may try for a period without to see if it actually makes a difference.

Lily Flame Blush candle

Not a beauty product but a candle. I love these candles. They look amazing but they also smell divine. They are the nicest smelling candle – so sweet but not overpowering. I will continue to buy these candles – you can usually get them from a BOMB cosmetics store or online at the link above. The Fairy dust scented one is to die for.

St Tropez moisturiser

Now, I got this in a little pack of tan to try out the st tropez products and I did love this. The scent was great and I got some good use out if it after I used the tan and exfoliator. I suppose you could use any moisturiser but this was great in conjunction with the other products so I would probably buy in a pack rather than individual.

Unicorn face mask

This was a gift for me – think from Primark – but a fab mask. It is definitely the best sheet mask I have ever used. It left my face super moisturised and in a fab condition. It honestly put the Champney’s face mask I tried to shame. Would definitely give this another go. Also helps that it has unicorns all over it too.

So, that is it for my Jan empties – huge one this time and fingers crossed I get through a lot more of my stash soon! Have you had many empties recently?

Rachael xox

Please note – some of the links above will be affiliate links. If you don’t know what that means, it is basically a link that means if you buy something through a link recommended by me, I will get a couple of extra pennies my way. Don’t worry – it doesn’t cost you anything extra and I always try and get the best deal for you!

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