Hotel Room Empties …


Hi guys,

For quite a bit of Dec/January I was in hotels for work. Some hotels were only 2 nights but others were 3 and 4. Packing for hotel stays is quite difficult! You have all of the added stress of packing enough to use for your whole stay but also not packing too much that you have bags and suitcases full!

Anyhoo, I think I got the balance just right – tips post shortly if needed. But, for now I thought I would show you the couple of things I “all used up” on my hotel stays!

Soap & Glory Shower Gel Pods

These shower gel pods have been fab for me away in hotels. I received quite a few in different xmas pressies and they are the perfect amount for one shower. They aren’t available separately but if you are interested in the shower gels that Soap & Glory sell you can do that here, here & here. The scents are so refreshing too. You can’t really go wrong with any soap and glory products!

Molton Brown Shower Gel – Travel Sizes here.

I got these molton brown shower gels as a gift from my in laws a little while ago. I decided to take a few bottles with me while I was away. They have the most amazing scents to them – expensive, luxury scents. Some full size versions are here, here and here.


So whether I am in a hotel room or ANYWHERE, I have to do a couple of face masks a week. I really couldn’t recommend the Champney’s face mask. I know it’s clay and really good for your skin but mine really broke out after this. Maybe my skin reacted to something in it but it has never reacted to a clay mask before. The Soap & Glory mask is by far my favourite out of the three above. It is so moisturising and leaves your face dewy even until the next morning. The Danielle mask was a new go for me and I am not sure where you can get this one from but it is a fab mask – basically a sheet mask that has clay featured in it – if you can find this (or tell me where it is from), I do think you should try it out. It is great for your skin and really helped tackle the mess that the Champney’s mask made!

Have you got any empties lately?

Rachael xox


P.S. Some of my links may be affiliate, I do this to make a few extra pennies but it won’t cost you anything extra. LOL x

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