The Stables in Wynyard Village …

Hi guys,

Recently we went to The Stables in Wynyard village for a meal. Four of us went and we managed to walk in and get a seat straight away in the bar area. We probably could have got a table in the restaurant side with a bit of a wait, but we weren’t fussed where we sat. It all seems quite casual in the bar area anyway so we parked there.


Now, those who follow my blog will know what a chicken parmesan is – basically it is a Northern speciality – chicken breast, coated in breadcrumbs with bechamel sauce and cheese on top. I like to try this dish at our local restaurants – it is one of my favourites.

The food was absolutely gorgeous from here, lovely big portions and cost roughly ยฃ14.00 for a meal and a glass of pop.

The best bit of the whole meal was the dessert. I am soooooo angry at myself for taking a pic but the cheesecake was absolutely epic – kinder bueno and there were so many more of these too. The cheesecakes are just divine and I would consider going back just for that.

Have you been here?

Rachael xox

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