Minimise your beauty stash …

Hi guys,

I always get to January and want to clear out every part of my house. I think I just get myself ready for a good spring clean and clear out. My house is never TOO messy – in fact, I like to think everything has it’s own place but occasionally those drawers or cupboards are over flowing.

Beauty products are the worst! They seem to breed and then come Christmas you get lots of new and exciting products to try and your older products are left to it.

So, here are my top tips for making sure you minimise your makeup and beauty products.


Empty out the cupboards and drawers

You need to gather all of your lotions and potions (and lipsticks) in one place. If you get them all together, you see the bigger picture. Make sure you don’t miss any products though as this can slow the whole process down. Don’t forget your bathroom cabinets (I have a main bathroom AND en suite), dressing table, unopened boxes, loft, drawers, under the bed, wardrobes etc. You do end up with a lot of products that you don’t realise you have – all because you have it together in one place. You then need to organise them into categories; eyes, lips, face, body cream, shower gels etc. When you start to sort them out, you then need to sub categorise those categories. This might sound completely anal BUT you need to group like for like products together. If you don’t, you can end up keeping excess products.

Use by dates

So first, check the individual products’ date information. Usually, on all beauty products, there is a small open jar label with a 3m, 6m, 12m etc. This refers to how many months you can use them for when you first open them. So you need to think back to how long you have those products and count back. If you have had them for longer than the use by amount, you can clear them out as they really shouldn’t be used after this.


The next step is to check the condition of your items – do your liners have lids? Have your compacts crumbled? Are the lipsticks still in good condition or damaged? Are the mascaras dried out? If you haven’t got good condition items, they need to be disposed of. Lidless liners make a huge mess in your drawers/make up bags. Dried out mascara wands are useless & if your compact has crumbled up, you will spend more time avoiding spillage than being able to use the product.

Ask yourself the three questions

There are three questions you need to ask yourself.

Has it been used in the last 3 months? Well, has it? If something is brand new and unopened, then you don’t know if you need to say yes to question two. However, the likely reason you haven’t used it recently is because you choose to use another product first. So if you haven’t used it at all, you need to skip to question three.

Do you love the product? I know the Maria Kondon “bring you joy” movement is `not for everyone BUT I do think it can really apply to your beauty stash. Does it bring you joy? If you use a product and it is mediocre, why bother reusing? If it doesn’t bring you the result you want or you don’t love it, then it does need to go. Knowing many of our beauty “stashes” these days, we have repeat products of several things – do we need to keep a crappy eyeshadow if we have twenty amazing ones.

Are you going to be realistically using this item in the next year? Again, much like I mentioned above, we often have repeat eyeliners, shadows and lipsticks etc. I am not saying we have the same rimmel eyeliner three times over (although some people do), but speaking from myself (and other people’s in my circle) make up collection, we have multiple eyeliners etc. Do we really need that many? You should know how much makeup you go through in about a month roughly. There isn’t any point getting rid of something that you may use in that year. If you do, you’re only going to have to go and get a replacement. I say a year because realistically in busy lives, you haven’t got time to do this massive clear out of your stash every month. If you don’t know how much you use, then start keeping track and set yourself some limits – if you quickly realise you won’t be using it – then get rid.


Dispose of it correctly

Okay, now you know what you are getting rid of, you can then dispose of the products that aren’t any good for you. You need to dispose of these correctly. Most pots and tubes can be recycled but need to be cleaned beforehand. If you have stuff that are too far gone (and you will), these need to go into a bin. However, you may have some products half empty which you could gift to family and friends – but bear in mine it’s not wise to reuse products such as mascara between people for hygiene reasons.

If you have full size products, then consider selling. You could do this on Shpock, Ebay and Gumtree. If you haven’t got the time, charity shops will definitely snap them up. You could even consider donating them to a local shelter too!

After you have done all of this, you can then put the other products back into your storage space. Hopefully, you can minimise those storage spaces because your stash is so much less!

How do you do yours?

Rachael xox


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  1. Great post dear 😊😊 I always like to write down the date of when I open a new makeup product and also the 3M, 6M, 12M etc. It’s so important to get rid of expired makeup x x


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