The only beauty products I will buy this year …

Hi guys,

You may have read my post all about keeping your beauty products to a minimum recently which is something I have wanted to do for a while. Minimalism probably isn’t something I have ever really tried to achieve. You would think I am a minimalist when you enter my home – the excess is just well hidden!

However, after writing that post and actually clearing out my own products, I then clicked on a beauty brands link and started filling up a basket of beauty products, “new in” that had appeared online. Why? I didn’t need these products, I just figured I had some room so why not.

Well no, that isn’t good enough for me so I have set myself a list of things that I am allowed to buy this year and have split them into three categories to share with you today. I think this is the key for me to combat those impulse purchases. Easier to do this online, so you have to really apply some willpower when out and about – especially nearer those till areas.

I think I am doing it for two reasons – one for the minimalism and the other is to save the money to one side as part of my goals!

makeup-stock-1 (1)

Photo by makeup savvy.

So, here are the things I will be buying in beauty in 2018 …


So, if I run out of something, I will have to replace it. I can’t be wandering about with no foundation on. Not a good thing for me and certainly not a good thing for everyone else. However, I have around 12 foundations in my stash at the minute – the likelihood that I will need to purchase any of these in the next year? Minimal. Most of them were bought towards the back end of last year and a few are brand new. I know I will use them all, but it means I won’t need to go out and actively replace these because I have many more to choose from in my dressing table.

However, there will be other products I run out of first – eyebrow pencils, bronzer and mascara seem to be the products that don’t last as long as anything else so I will have to repurchase these at some point in the year but that is okay – I have allowed myself to do this.


There are some essentials you sort of have to have in your toolkit – so while they may seem like a replacement product, in actual fact I definitely need these products. They will be products that when I am out in the supermarket or in a local shop I will buy if they are on offer as I know they will get used. It is also something I am allowing myself to buy guilt free a they are considered basic essentials. These include face wipes, sanitary towels, shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, razors, cotton buds and pads and toothpaste.


I have a lot of trips away this year and while I have the basics and do use the small travel bottles, I also may need some additionals – so I will be controlled with what I purchase but usually things like sun lotions & mousse are needed for trips abroad & usually top ups of wipes and dry shampoo for UK trips.

So that is it – the things I am restricting myself to buy!

Have you tried setting strict rules on beauty hauls?

Rachael xox



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