Spring Clean your gadgets …

Hi guys,

Stop being bogged down! I have so many “clear outs” at home that I often forget about the things that get clogged up the most. I think often we prioritise clearing the in tray on our desks and the desk space from to do tasks.

We declutter our drawers, beauty collections and kitchen cupboards as well as our wardrobes sometimes without even thinking about it.

However, I notice that it’s the tech in my life that weighs me down and keeps my brain feeling cluttered.


So here are five techy clear outs you can do to help ease brain power.


Does anyone else go onto Netflix and have sift through hundreds of tv shows and films before getting to the stuff you actually want to watch. There are two things to do here. One is to create a list of ‘want to watches’ that you can just go to which takes the whole choice away in the matter. Second is that you get rid of those things you will never watch by giving it the thumbs down. This greys that option out so when you’re flicking through all of the programmes, you’re scrolling only the things you actually like and would watch.

TV Planner

Now we have these Tivo and Sky plus boxes, it is so easy to catch up on our favourite programmes, missed documentaries and any films that have been on recently. However, the feeling I get when I go onto a planner and see an endless myriad of options, I often waste more time deciding what to watch. So, some top tips here and to get rid of the really old programmes. You would have watched these things if you really wanted to by now. Also, if a film has been on but you can access it through Netflix or any other show you watch, clear those out too. More realistic, is cutting down on the soaps you watch. I have cut mine down to Emmerdale only. That is the one I will make time to watch and the one I seem to gravitate towards. Spend a bit of time clearing out the recordes programmes and the next time you go on, you will be glad you did.


Obviously emails are probably one of the biggest techy clear outs needed by most people. I love the Gmail set up. It splits my inbox automatically into my primary emails (important) and then into social and promotions. My primary emails are generally dealt with daily. I file anything away that I need to keep into four folders – work/blog/travel/rachael. The Rachael file consists of Ebay and amazon receipts and basically anything else I find online.

Sometimes though, the other inboxes pile up so you really do need to clear them out. My social is now really all about the blogs I follow – their new content and any comments I have left for others or received on my blog.

My promotions is the worst as I continually used to get sent every sale/new in and basically anything promotional that a brand would send out. So, I decided to unsubscribe to those I had no interest in. There are a lot of them that I will spend some time on, reading through the email and clicking through to look at sale etc. However, the majority I never had any activity with so made sure that I don’t receive those ones anymore.

Social Media

Social media is a bit of a wormhole. Especially the likes of instagram. You can easily lose an hour sifting through the stuff you have no interest in to get to content that you do. Basically, as I am flicking through any of my feeds – instagram/facebook/twitter – I simply unfollow those who I actually don’t read or have interest in any longer. This cuts down on my browsing time as I actually then only read what I am interested in!

Image Gallery

Now you may not be like me at all on this one but not that long ago my phone had a daily warning about the volume of available memory used which forced me to look at the apps (another clearout) but mainly the files on my phone and my biggest culprit was the image gallery. I tend to use my phone for all images as I get a smooth image and can them edit with my phone too – upload straight to wordpress and good to go. However, I had over 2000 screenshots where I had seen something I like, snapped an image but then never referred to it again. So I made some files within the images to sort out the shots and then made my way through each section. Things like home inspo I used and then would print my favourites in a mood board.

Family photos I printed with free prints. It is an app that you can get so many free prints a month with and then I can delete them from my phone (I do transfer them to facebook and my laptop too).

I then listed everything else I was interested in in a notebook. Things like blogging tips/travel articles/beauty products I am interested to try – I had snapped a screenshot of all of this but then never went back to read any of it!! However, writing them down in paper format meant I could check them off as I was getting through. More therapeutic and less clogging of the phone!

There are so many more techy clearouts to get you going to a more simplified life but hopefully this one starts you off!

Rachael xox

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