Dressing Room Diaries… February

Hi guys,

There wasn’t much added to my dressing room in Feb – I am on a budget now saving for holidays, extensions etc and also, I am actively trying to lose weight with Slimming World so I don’t want to build up too many pieces in my wardrobe to then have to go buy more when I have lost weight.

This hat is an absolute essential from Next. I adore a hat for holidays and this one was in the sale and mega cheap! “To the beach …”

I got this skirt from Matalan and I love that I can wear with sandals, ballet pumps, tights and boots and even bare legged with a chestnut boot to match the shades in the skirt.

I bought this red top as I already have it in black and wear it to death – I think it was only ยฃ8. Perfect for work and for casual!

I have wanted a blue and white stripe top for quite a long time. I can’t wait to wear this with some tan accessories and a trench!

This top from F & F is such a cutie – it has gorgeous frill detail and again, I love the blue and white. However, I have had to return it as it just doesn’t look good.

I don’t know whether there will be a dressing room diaries for March as again, trying not to buy anything! However, we’ll see!

Rachael xox

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