A few bargains from Ebay …

Hi guys,

I picked up a few bits from Ebay lately so I thought I would share them with you!


Part time mermaid tee

Nap queen tee

Love these two tshirts. I only wear them for casual – usually for office days at home but I adore a slogan tee so picked these two up for less than a tenner! Thrilled

Rose Petals

I actually bought these for blog photos. Will be using them for “stock” photos soon when I get some time on my hands. It is a priority for me this year to get my photography on the blog “shit hot”.

Iron on transfer

A selection above but I actually bought some floral ones as I thought I would use them for some jeans (which I still might) but I also may use them for some tshirts or a jacket – haven’t quite decided yet. I may get some other bits and bobs too.

Blackhead mask

So this is the infamous mask that is so hard to peel off & apparently hurts. Not psyched myself up for a go yet but looking forward to using it and seeing the results.

Jamaica pina colada anti bac

This is a bath and body works one and it smells absolutely stunning – there are so many now with different scents so there is a lot to choose from. Handy purse size too!

Have you bought anything from Ebay lately?


P.S. These links are affiliate, this basically means that if you click on the links I get a couple of pennies. No extra cost for you, but I do shop around for the best deals on things so don’t worry!


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