Aladdin the Musical … London

Hi guys,

I’m not going to lie, when I opened the tickets for Aladdin, I was a tad disappointed. I had already opened the train tickets for London and I thought we might have been going to see The Lion King (sixth time for me!!). However, Chris got me tickets for Aladdin. I got over my disappointment really quickly, looking forward to something new to go and see.

When we were in London for the weekend, we made our way to the theatre. The show was on at 7.30pm and doors opened at 7pm, so we went for a drink in the bar first and then took our seats for the show.

The cast was all of the first cast, no understudy replacements for the night. We were in dress circle seats L6 and L7 which were actually really good seats. They were about £60 each for the show tickets, which weren’t too bad.

The Aladdin show was pretty much in the same order and the same storyline as the Disney Animated version but it was missing the tiger and the monkey – definitely don’t think they could have pulled that off in the show.

The music production and each song’s performance was incredible. Jafar played an incredibly evil performance, Aladdin was cheeky and funny and Jasmine was the regal aloof princess she is in the actual film.

However, I had two stand outs for the show. The first was the costumes. They were absolutely stunning and very opulent looking. I must get my hands on something like it for a fancy dress costume. The second was the genie. He was absolutely out of this world. He had come over from the Broadway show and honestly, he kept all of the audience going. He made a lot of pop culture references and there was a particularly good music ensemble in the middle. During the scene where he explains he is a genie and that he can grant three wishes to Aladdin, he did the actual song from the movie, but also embellished with strictly style performances and other Disney songs too.

At the end of this, he practically got a standing ovation which he encouraged each and every time. We were absolutely rolling with laughter, to the point my stomach REALLY hurt.

So all in all, Aladdin was amazing and I would definitely recommend.

Any shows you think I should see next time I go to London?

Rachael xox

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