Products that disappointed me …

Hi guys,

So I wanted to share with you these three products that I just did not get on with and will never use again!!

W7 twist and shape

This twist eyebrow pencil was just not good. It was extremely crumbly, smudged when my face started to shine a little and it just wasn’t pigmented at all. I prefer a natural looking brow and this just wasn’t good.

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss

I love a lip gloss. I much prefer a lip gloss to a lipstick but this one was awful. The colour was much too cheap looking. The consistency was so sticky it was horrible. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this!

Cream Contour Palette

Confession time – I took the photo and binned this product without remember the name. Assuming it was collection, makeup rev or w7. However, it just wasn’t a very good product. I don’t know whether it is cream contours full stop or this particular product but just wasn’t very good.

Have you had any disappointing products?

Rachael xox

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