Pinetum Lodge…

Hi guys,

After having the Cotswolds on my wishlist of places to go for quite a while, I was thrilled when we finally booked it up for our Feb holiday. With having the dogs, we always look for dog friendly places to stay. Quite often we struggle to find lodges or cabins because of the dogs so we were thrilled we found Pinetum Lodge.

Nestled in the woods in Highnam woods, just outside of Gloucester, on a private estate, was this absolutely gorgeous log cabin. The drive up was a little treacherous due to the bad weather potholing the road but you have your own private lay by and from there it is only a couple of steps down to the cabin. While it is near the road, the road is only accessed for those going up to the private house. From every window, all you can see is the woods, the trees, the leaves and wildlife.

The cabin consisted of a kitchen living room area with a dining breakfast bar and back door entrance, a bedroom with a bath inside and a separate toilet just off the hallway.

The cabin was had all of the rustic details with log details but had a lot of mod cons too. A working oven, Sky TV albeit no wifi!

The bed was okay – not very comfy so I had to lay on a couple of extra layers of blankets. The bath however was amazing, nice and deep and was tucked in behind the headboard of the bed. Now, if you are a cold arse like me, probs best not to go early Feb as it only has portable heaters but if you take plenty of layers, you’ll be fine!

Just outside of the front door of the cabin was several trails to be able to walk, due to the lack of other people around the dogs pretty much had free rein and just bounded about all over. Dexter didn’t want to come home – he wouldn’t hop up into the car.

The back deck was fab but we couldn’t really sit out there due to how cold the weather was. However, with a couple of chairs and a BBQ, it is absolutely perfect for Spring/Summer.

One of our highlights from the stay was the sheer amount of wildlife we could see. There were plenty of squirrels and bunnies but we caught a glimpse of deer and badgers too.

Generally, we at breakfast and were out and about 9-3 and then came back for early afternoon walks through the forest or chill out with a book or movie. Although there were plenty of selections of movies there, I would recommend you take a couple as the majority were horrors (cabin in the wood types!).

If you are looking for somewhere to stay with the novelty factor and are looking to “get away from it all” then I definitely recommend this place for you!

Have you stopped anywhere like this?!

Rachael xox

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