Newcastle airport lounge

Hi guys,

When we went to Hong Kong last year we flew from Newcastle to Dubai and then Dubai to Kowloon in Hong Kong. We decided to book up at the airport lounge after previously doing so at East Midlands airport.

Newcastle is our local airport and other than the Burger King, there is a pizza style restaurant as well as a large bar that serves food. There are also a couple of bars for drinks only. We wanted to try the lounge as usually when we fly it can cost £25-£30 for breakfast and a couple of drinks for two whereas the lounge can cost around £20-£25 per person with a groupon or voucher deal.

Our flight was about lunch time so we entered mid morning and it was quite quiet in there so we made our way to a small sofa area that we got to choose ourselves. We went and had a nibbles from the food area, but we were a little bit disappointed with the choice. There were a few plates of meats and cheese and the more substantial food such as the pasta dishes, didn’t come out until a little later. There was fruit and crisp snack bags available on the bar area though which we munched while reading the complimentary mags and newspapers.

The bar staff were lovely and drinks were definitely flowing. I stuck to my usual bacardi and coke and hubby had a few beers and a couple of bacardis too.


While the Newcastle airport lounge wasn’t as nice as the East Mids, it was definitely worthwhile the money spent. I think it’s just nice to have your own little seats for a couple of hours before the flight rather than go into the full, busy airport which has only a few areas for seating other than the restaurants and bars. The other part of it is so that you can have unlimited drinks – I think it’s important not to binge on them as NOBODY wants that person on their flight. However, a flight with a couple of bevvies beforehand feels like a much nicer flight, nice and relaxed and full from your lunch too.

Safe to say, when we fly from Newcastle – we will be booking the lounge.

Rachael xox

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