My favourite lip products at the moment …



Hi guys,

This post is about my top picks for lipstick/gloss at the minute! Usually during the day I will reach for a balm rather than anything coloured but if I am going to an event or wedding or having a night out, I will definitely go for something with a pop of colour or a bit of gloss.

When I started to think about writing this post, the glosses came to really easily. They are my every event go-to products, but then I actually realised that I use one particular lipstick just as much as the gloss.

So my current favourites for gloss are …

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Alarm – £4.99

This rimmel lipstick is a lovely vibrant red but seems to be a little muted when applied to the lip which I like. It blends with my skin tone and makeup choices easily and isn’t too bright for a made up eye either. I don’t usually use a liner and it isn’t really necessary as this product doesn’t bleed. It stays put for quite a while too, but you will have a bit on your glass if drinking on a night out! I think the whole range is well put together but this shade is definitely my top lipstick.

Soap & Glory “Sexy Mother Pucker” Lipgloss – £9

This gloss has been a firm favourite of mine for a LONG time – as much as ten years. I got my first one in a gift set and then have been buying them ever since. You can get the most beautiful sets at Christmas! This gloss gives you a fab shiny pout. There is a wide range of colours. It does have an active ingredient inside which makes your lips tingle and swell a little.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Shine Lacquer – £5

This is a newer version of the sexy mother pucker but this one has more of a lacquer feel to it where the original were all glittery. Does the same fab job but has a better finish to it.

Loreal Glam Shine Lipgloss – £2.25

This is my favourite lip gloss ever. The glam shine lipglosses have an amazing finish. They’re not sticky, but they are nice and shiny. They are absolutely gorgeous and give the best finish to your makeup. Loreal switched up their gloss to the infallible range now. The glam shines are only available in selected retailers so I had to buy quite a lot to stock up! Fab shades and just adore the finish.


Have you got any favourite lip products?

Rachael xox




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