Five ways to find your signature style …

Hi guys,

So this post is all about finding your signature style. There are plenty of ways to do this without having to spend too much time and money!




The magazines you read have so much inspiration in. Clip the images that you are attracted to – rip out those images of women in clothes you like. There are so many celebs and fashion influencers who feature in magazines, pull out the clips and build up a collection. You will soon start to see a theme running through it.


Pinterest is so amazing – you basically have to use it in the same way that you clip from magazines but you just need to pin the images to your boards – make one for shoe inspo, style inspo, outfit inspo – again you will soon start to build up a theme/image of what styles you like.


Sit in the different rooms in your house & take a look around – keep an eye on the colours, the styles you have gone for, the materials. Look at your car! All of the decisions you make will be influenced by your style so apply this when you look for new clothes.

Your own wardrobe

Pull open your wardrobe doors and look at the display of clothes in there – is there a certain colour? Are there any special clothes you wear time and time again? Are there any specifics you gravitate towards time after time? All of these pieces should be similar – are they colourful? Are they simple? Are they made of harder materials – leather/suede or softer – linen/cottons?

Colour chart

One of my favourite things to do is to pull colour charts from a DIY store. I always use these for my home and obviously for painting walls but they are such a useful tool in the wardrobe. Use them when finding other items to go with existing items in your wardrobe. Use them to build up a colour base for yourself to take with you when you go shopping. The best thing to do is to hold them against your skin and check if they suit you – and then check against your wardrobe too.


Have you got any further tips?

Rachael xox

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