House tour: The Garden

Hi guys,

I thought I would show you around our garden as it stands now and tell you about our future plans (apologies for the hot tub screenshot!)

So, our garden is an L shape but it does wrap around the house for access. You enter in at the side gate and walk along past the back door to be able to get to the back garden. We have a conservatory in the garden which takes up a bit of a chunk (will be getting knocked down eventually).

The garden goes all the way along the back of the house and then wraps round the side and there sits the hot tub.

I think everyone gets a bit of a shock when they know we have a hot tub, but actually it came with the house. The previous owners bought it and had built the shelter over it too and installed the lights. It has fully functioning outside electricity access which means we have controlled (and safe) hot tub electronics and lights too. It also means we can play music out there too! The hot tub is fab – I would definitely recommend it. We tend to use it a little bit more when the weather is colder as in the summer it is far too hot! We have had drinks with friends in there, time with just the two of us and I have had nights with the girls. The plans for this year is to have a little paint of it and tidy up the area around it. We’re thinking about adding a little bar area out here and maybe a little area to get in. I have also seen some shutters that you can put in front of the hot tub for a little bit of privacy which could double as a changing area.

We added the summer house last year and it is a fab little extra room for us. Although the trees are no longer living (I can’t believe I have kept my dogs alive!), it is still a fab little area for wining and dining. We are going to put an extension on the back of the house but decided to get the summer house up and built before we do anything else. This whole area is going to be dug out and going to pebble the space around it. We already ripped all of the side bushes out and have just made the most of it up to now.

Other than a paint of this fence, there are no further plans for this space. The turfed seating area is fab for Summer bbqs and I am hoping to get loads of use out of it this year. We have some little solar lights dotted about, ornaments and a rope light but really haven’t done much else other than garden furniture. We have a lovely area but don’t have any landscaping plans yet. We just don’t want to spend a lot of money on landscaping until we have done the extra work on the house!

Have you got any garden ideas for me?

Rachael xox

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