How I created a photo wall in five steps …

I created a photo wall on my staircase to display some of my wedding photographs. I think it easy to create a feature if you have the space and also to hold some of your cherished memories.

Here is how I created my photo wall in five easy steps …


Some people pop a couple of slogan pieces but I chose a slogan in the colour tone I wanted and made that my centrepiece. It draws the eye in but also adds a different element to the wall and breaks up all of the photographs. The key is to make our wall art a similar size to the photograph.


For me, the frames should be mismatched. They shouldn’t all be the same as I think this helps to go for the eclectic collage look. Some photos will be landscape, some portrait so you need to take this into account when choosing your frames. I say you need to pick your colour scheme and stick to that but try and choose different textures too. I knew I wanted oak, cream, white and woody tones so I mixed and matched this and the different textures too.


Probably the most important part of the whole process. You need to make sure that the photos are something you want displaying for quite a while as it can be a bit of a pain if you want to swap them over. We don’t have children and all of our family were at the wedding, so it made sense for us to have our wedding pics on the wall. We chose the ones especially where all the family were present but also ones of our friends or the key people in the wedding.

Lay them out

I laid all my photos out on the living room floor in the order that I wanted them. This allowed me to chop and change where I needed to, to make sure they all look fab mixed together. Then, one by one, I took them through to the staircase and hung them all.


There are a few options to fix the photographs to the wall. I chose to use nails this time as I can’t foresee this wall being anything other than a photo wall. I will just probably change the photos out for different ones over the years. I love the frames and the colour scheme is absolutely my style so that is fine for me. I have previously used the velcro tags but I don’t recommend those for freshly painted walls as they do peel the backing paint from the wall!


Have you made a photo wall anywhere?


Rachael xox


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