The five things I choose to splurge on in my home ….

Hi guys,

Continuing on with the home theme, I wanted to share with you the five things and areas in my home that I choose to spend more money on. I love my home as I am sure a lot of you do too. The most important thing when styling your home and building up your interiors, is that you love it. It doesn’t matter what other people think or what they would have done differently – you do you!

I try and be budget friendly as much as possible but there are some things in your home that you HAVE to splurge on.


So, without further ado …

Beds – or rather, mattresses

My bed is the most comfy thing ever but that is down to the mattress. The mattress actually cost us more than the bed did. We have a pocket sprung mattress with an additional layer of memory foam. I have a bad back so I will never choose to spend less money on a mattress. I love the look of Simba mattresses so think I will have to upgrade to that when it comes time to replace.


Until November last year when I got my new carpets, I would have chosen to go for a more hardwearing type with having two dogs. However, when ordering our new carpets, we decided to go for a much more plush carpet and it is incredible. Your feet sink into it, it looks amazing and the hoover lines!! Our latest carpets were from SCS and I can’t fault their quality, their fitters and the


Don’t get me wrong, as with anything there are ways and means of spending less and buying some budget options. However, the kitchen is an area where I will always spend that little bit extra. A kitchen is the most used area of a home (well it is in mine), it has the most traffic, the most mess and can also be the entertainment hub of a home. We are planning on extending our home in the next few years and when we do this, we will definitely be putting the money towards the kitchen over anything else. It’s probably an area that other than a quick paint touch up or replacement appliances, we probably won’t replace the actual kitchen.


We have been through a couple of sofas since we first started living together and it has definitely made me realise, you do have to spend that bit extra to have a better quality and a longer lasting piece. It has to have the comfort factor, it is my place to sit and chill with Netflix on a night. We often eat on the sofa too so it does get a lot of use. Our latest sofas were from SCS and I love everything about them. When it comes to buying a new sofa for my kitchen area, I will be going there again.


My bathroom is the place I go to unwind and chill from a long day. I love having a warm, cosy bubble bath but I can’t imagine it having the same relaxing nature if it wasn’t in a lovely decorated bathroom. If decorating a bathroom, you have to go the whole hog and do the tiles and the suite itself. I think the bath for me is the most important factor. Similarly, when we upgrade our ensuite later in the year, the plan is to really overhaul our shower and put in a better system that will be the main focus and centre piece of the bathroom. We definitely won’t be skimping on the design or features!

What are the main areas you spend your money on in your home?

Rachael xox

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