My five reasons for using the Airport Lounges …

Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you my reasons for using the airport lounges. Since trying it out a couple of times, we have decided it is definitely worth the money spent on it, especially if you can get a voucher code! So here are my five reasons for using the airport lounge …


Guaranteed seating spot

I don’t know about you, but in the airport there seems to be minimal seating so that you have to make your way into a restaurant or bar to be able to sit down. In an airport lounge you get your own seats and usually a choice of where to sit. In some cases, where they are fully booked, they will have prebooked your seating for you but you usually have armchairs, seating with a coffee table or even the extra quiet area.

Food choices

You get buffet style food on a hot tray for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are also snacks provided usually in the form of fruit and crisps. You may have soups available too. This is especially useful when you are flying short haul so don’t get a meal in flight.

Unlimited beverages

Unlimited drinks are available in the lounge, whether alcoholic, soft or hot drinks. Alcoholic drinks are usually served with bar service while hot drinks are self service. Soft drinks are available out of fridges that you can help yourself too. Usually large bottles that you can pour into your own cups. This, as well as the food choices, are excellent value for money.


As a blogger, free wifi is always useful but it can be for many of us too. Usually airports will have wifi, but with so many people using it, it can be so slow to the point where you might as well not bother. However, you get free wifi in the lounges with it’s own code which is SO much better. It’s quite nice to upload your airport drink selfies and boast about your hols all over social media too!

Complimentary Mags/Papers

I read EVERYTHING – usually spend a fortune on mags in the airport before I get on the plane so complimentary anything is perfect for me. The mags and papers (I think) are for reading in the lounge but it means that I then read my kindle and watch movies on the flight instead.

So, there it is – the five reasons we now book the airport lounges when we go away on hols. Have you tried them before?

Rachael xox

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