My ten poolside essentials …

Hi guys,

This post features my poolside essentials! I love a good beach holiday and I often have my set items that keep me sun safe and occupied while laying round the pool.



Beach Bag – similar here.

I bought this South Beach bag from Asos and I absolutely love it – it is so big and I love the colours – white & rose gold. It has a rope handle too!

Hat – similar here & here.

If I am being totally honest, I can’t remember where I got this hat from – probably Matalan or Peacocks. It is so wide so it keeps your face free from those harmful UV rays and blocks out the sun when you’re trying to read your book!


This is quite an old ipod but I have never thought to replace it. I should really just put all my music on my phone now – I am thinking about picking up a little memory card for it so I can transfer my music over to it. However, love the ipod and have such a fab mix of music on there! I have many playlists & may do a separate post!

Headphones – similar here.

Love these rose gold headphones – they have the most amazing colours. I bought them from River Island and they are lush! I was thinking about some wireless ones but I love these. They are gorgeous too.

Sunglasses – similar here.

A basic poolside essential – I do prefer plastic style next to the pool as I can go into the swimming pool with them too. I never spend a fortune on them either as I literally break so many sunglasses!

Beach towel – love this one.

Most places now give you a beach towel when you’re all inclusive but I like to take my own too. I think it makes a difference to have your own, you can use it as a pillow, as something to dry your hair & also if the beach towels aren’t big enough.

Piz Buin Mousse

Super and easy to apply, lightweight and easy to blend in to your skin. Also you do only have to apply once a day – super safe for your skin.

EOS lip balm

Always have to have a lip balm but this is one of my favourites, I love the novelty of the packaging and the shape of it but I also love how moisturising they are. Your lips can get so dried out on your hols so the lip balms are amazing!

Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotion

This is another fab lotion/spray. It has the most amazing scent. Although it is a tad oily, it doesn’t dry like that and you still get a tan although your skin is protected.


I couldn’t go anywhere without a kindle. I absolutely love my kindle and I have a massive selection of books on there – I have a favourite list of summer reads & authors but I am not averse to the odd supernatural or crime book when lounging around!

Rachael xox

P.S. Some of these links are affiliate, which means they make me a few extra pennies if you click on them. Don’t worry – I do look for the lower prices & it doesn’t cost you anything!!


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