Styling your home on a budget …

Hi guys,

I have some top tips for styling your home on a budget. When I say budget, I actually mean a tight budget. I have a penchant for buying new bits and pieces for my home, my husband calls it an addiction. I also have this extreme need to wallpaper, redesign my home and want to chop and change the house and move furniture around on a regular basis.

Use similar colours and materials throughout the house

My main colour themes are gold, cream, beige and with oak and cream furniture and whites. This means that when I get the urge to move things about or try a new style, often I can just move items around to different rooms. If you love colour, try to put the colour in your wallpaper/paint or curtains, bedding or cushions. Try to stick with a similar colour in your accessories. This means that you can easily swap those about too.

Shop in budget stores

Budget doesn’t mean poor quality or “cheap”. You definitely don’t have to compromise on style by shopping with limited funds. More and more supermarkets and bargain retailers have increased their quality and their range and now cover a lot of the latest trends. Some of my favourites include:

  • Asda/Tesco/Sainsburys
  • New Look
  • Home Bargains
  • B&M
  • The Range
  • Poundland

Buy second hand

Buying second hand is not always people’s first choice. However, you can always grab some really good items at excellent prices. Car boot sales are an excellent source of new items for your home. I once grabbed two brand new lamps from Next for the price of £5. One man’s trash ..

You can also check out Ebay, Gumtree, Facebook selling pages and Shpock, You can even have linens and radiator covers made to measure on Ebay as well as personalised goods. People on freecycle are even giving things away. Some of the best things I have bought for my home have been from unusual places like this. I love to watch beckyhomesweethome account on Instagram as she always gives me inspiration on finding bargains.

Looking for something designer style?

Designer goods for the home usually come with a hefty price tag. I have seen people pay thousands for lights and hundreds for unusual and quirky pieces for the home. One of the best places for those types of goods is Amazon. Amazon are fab for industrial and “high end looks”. While they still might be the higher end of your budget, they will be a lot less than what you would have paid for in a high end shop or equally wouldn’t have been able to afford.

Take advantage of 0% interest

By no means am I telling you to get out there and spend ridiculous amounts of money on credit. However, lots of companies now have some great finance options for you to cover sofas, carpets and furniture. Never pay interest when you don’t need to. You should always shop responsibly but if your house is in the middle of a makeover – sometimes finance will help you to stretch that budget a little with a monthly payment option.


Have you got any tips?

Rachael xox


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