Buying candles on a budget …

Hi guys,

Thinking about homey things lately, I decided to write a post all about where I buy candles from and buying candles on a budget. I will admit, I am a tad bit of a candle fiend. I love having candles lit in the house and it is one of the first things I do when I get in from work on a night (other than pop on my PJs) and I also make sure I have a good supply. A comfy night in is not complete without a couple of pillars lit and the smell of vanilla in the air. I have “key” candle areas in my home and I am quite partial to a wax melt or two. My ultimate chill out time is in the bath with a lovely sweet fragrance!


So if you buy candles and you haven’t heard of the Aldi numbered Jo Malone dupes, then you must have been living under a rock. This is a triple burning candle and while they aren’t the cheapest, they are obviously a lot less than the Jo Malone. The number two is the best one in my opinion with a strong rich berry scent. I am not a fan of the others. They are also available in a diffuser version.

The Lily Flame candles are one of my favourite types. This one is the Fairy Dust and it just smells divine. They are gorgeous to look at too with their little shapes on the top and the holders are quite cute too. They smell incredible and the smell lasts for days. I love having these lit and then walking back into my house the next day as I can totally smell it again.

Blush is another of my favourite Lily Flames with a bit of a stronger, less sweet scent that the Fairy Dust. You can usually get these online or from a BOMB cosmetics shop or a local card shop too. Definitely a good investment and make fab gifts too.

This other candle in the centre was either from B&M or Home Bargains – both of which I recommend for a bargain candle or two! This large triple wick is still on the go and I have been lighting it for EVER.

At one point I did keep my candles in this drawer but I have a few too many now. For wax melts, I like to pick up a little box of scent chips from Holland and Barrett or from a BOMB cosmetics store. You just get your little box and pay a set price (usually Β£2.99 or Β£3.99) and burn them on your burner. I prefer an electrical burner as I feel like they’re less mess. So, I buy a lot of yankee candles – often they are on offer in supermarkets as 3 for 2 and a few times in the year they will have massive sales in places like Clintons. The little tealight packs I purchased from the Yankee Candle outlet in Chester. You can usually make some good savings on out of season scents.

For plain vanilla tealights, sequin colours too, I pick them up from Home Bargains, B&M, The Range and the pound shops. If you are wanting to go for a different scent, then sometimes you need to spend a bit more money. However, if you don’t mind clean cotton or vanilla fragrances, you can usually save quite a bit of money. I love a vanilla scent in a candle and usually leave my wax burners to introduce a different sort of fragrance.

Having a candle lit in the bath is the ultimate luxury – it can turn a bath into a real spa experience!

Do you have a secret bargain candle shopping place?


Rachael xox

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