How to find style inspiration for your home….


Hi guys,

Are you stuck in a rut? Need some help with improving and updating your home? I have come up with a list of how to find some style inspo for your home. I frequently update and change the looks of my house as I like change. I find it easy to make these changes and update my look so here is how you can do it too …


Pinterest is amazing. You can literally type in “French style living room” and it then will bring you up thousands of images to choose from. Be warned, you do fall into a pinterest rabbit hole and hours have passed before you know it BUT you can pin anything that interests you and you end up with a multitude of options for your home. You end up with a running theme and you can even section the info into different boards.


There are so many home instagrammers now – a multitude to choose from. There are lots of people opening up their homes. You can find masses of info on here and the beauty of Instagram is that they tag where they bought their items from meaning you can find the exact place they bought them. Some of my favourites are beckyhomesweethomeaccount, westholme interiors, justalittlebuild and the housebuild to name a few.


There are lots of interior magazines out there now for mega cheap! You can pick up a couple of monthly mags for a couple of pounds and they have all of the bargain retailers in too so not too pricey. I tend to clip out my favourite bits and pieces and use the to create moodboards.

Show Homes

There are so many new build houses all over the place and they build show homes to help sell their houses. They are built to the highest spec and interior designers dec the houses out to look incredible. The whole point is to sell the lifestyle and the home. You don’t have to be looking for a house to go and take a peek. Although I am warning you that there is a chance you may want to buy them – too tempting. Go along and take a look and take some pics too which you can use for inspo or as part of your moodboard. The interior designers they use basically match the whole house together too.

Use your own style inspiration

Look all around you – there are so many facets to your personal style. It isn’t just about your home, it’s about your style of clothes – are there certain textures you go for? Certain colours and fabrics? Muted and neutral or bright and bold? Look at your car – is it a basic colour with clean inside, trendy and modern, in your face and over the top? All of these elements make up your personal style and I think it so important to reflect that in your home!

Have you got any style tips?

Rachael xox






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