Luna & Dexter

A spot of lunch in Chipping Camden, Cotswolds

Hi guys,

When we visited the Cotswolds and spent a lovely few days there, we knew that taking the dogs probably wouldn’t be an issue as there were tons of ideas of places to go that dogs are allowed to visit.

The Cotswolds on the whole is quite a dog friendly place. One of our favourite things to do when we visit somewhere as vast as this is drive through little villages, stop where we like the look of something and then have a lovely walk around.

One of these places was Chipping Camden. The drive to it from Pinetum lodge was incredible – the scenery so gorgeous!

Chipping Camden itself is basically a high street made up of houses surrounding it and is quite a small village. It is stuffed with history, a lot of the doors to the pubs and houses are so old with small plaques confirming their history. We had a lovely walk around, peeking into the little milliners and other traditional shops.

We had decided to eat in Chipping Camden even before we arrived and knew that there were plenty of places to eat thanks to googling beforehand. We had a walk along the high street and settled on The Noel Arms. It had a restaurant, a small coffee shop and then a bar area as well as an outdoor seating area but it was a little cold when we visited to sit outside.

Dogs are welcome in the bar and outside areas. The bar was so cosy with the fire lit and there were plenty of people in there with dogs, in fact I think just about everybody who was in there had a pooch at their feet. The dogs enjoyed their bowl of water and treats from the waitress too.

The highlight in there was obviously the food. It was priced around £6.50-£7.50 for a light bite and then double that for a full meal. The portions were a good size too. I went for the beef and ale pie which was extremely tasty and so filling.

If you are visiting Chipping Camden with your pooch (or without), then it is well worth a visit.

Rachael xox

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